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A Sikh officer in United States Marine Corps, who got permission to wear a turban while on duty, is likely to sue the Marines after he found a few caveats to the permission. First Lieutenant Sukhbir Toor got permission to wear turban in daily dress at normal duty. But he cannot do so in the conflict zone or while serving in a ceremonial unit. In other news, an Afghan private airline company Kam Air transferred around 155 family members of the company’s leadership to Abu Dhabi, instead of the intended evacuees who were on the evacuation list. The US State department discovered the evacuees were not on the list when the plane landed in the United Arab Emirates. Meawnhile, Taiwan Strait is in news again. After a US warship conducted a ‘routine’ transit through the strait recently, a British warship HMS Richmond travelled through the same area on Monday.   

Sikh officer in US Marines was allowed turban, but he may sue

Toor joined US Marines after college in 2017. Initially, he shaved his beard and wore standard headgear of the Marines. But as he progressed and became a captain, he decided that it was time he found a way to honour both, his country and his religion.

Afghanistan: Kam Air allegedly took 155 kin of firm’s top brass instead of evacuees to UAE, claim reports

The flight was scheduled to evacuate scribes and other persons out of the country. At the last moment, it flew with only families of the airline’s leadership. The plane was only half-filled. According to the report, US State department discovered the evacuees were not on the list when the plane landed in the United Arab Emirates.  

In ‘rare transit’, British warship HMS Richmond crosses Taiwan Strait

The development is a rare voyage by a non-US military vessel as the US has been regularly performing “freedom of navigation” voyages in the strait. This waterway separates Taiwan and mainland China. In last some months, tensions have been continuously rising between China and Taiwan, and the regular transits by the warships of other countries have been only enraging Beijing further. 

Silence after violence: Afghanistan, most important country right now, won’t have a voice at UNGA

Ghulam Isaczai, who represented president Ashraf Ghani’s regime that was ousted last month, had been due to defy the Taliban with a speech but his name was removed from the list of speakers early Monday.The Taliban wrote a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres last week requesting that its new foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, be allowed to “participate.”

Pakistan: Statue of Mohammad Ali Jinnah destroyed in blast in Balochistan

The statue, which was unveiled in June this year at Marine Drive, was blown up by placing an explosive device beneath it, according to a report in Pakistan’s English newspaper Dawn.Babgar Baloch, a spokesman for the outlawed militant group Baloch Republican Army, claimed responsibility for the bomb on Twitter.

Violent clashes reported as pandemic restrictions are lifted in Norway

At least 50 fights or disruptions broke out throughout the evening as people gathered in the streets to celebrate. According to Norwegian media, police were dispatched to a number of instances, including a guy wielding a machete on a bus in Oslo.Norway declared on Friday that all pandemic restrictions would be lifted on Saturday.

As delta outbreak ravages US, CDC chief says health systems ‘in dire straits’

Walensky remarks come in the backdrop of average number of deaths climbing to 40 per cent per day over the past two weeks, from 1387 to 1947, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Reported deaths are currently highest in states like Florida, which is seeing an average of 376 daily deaths over the past week, and Texas, which is reporting a daily average of 283.

Taliban orders barbers in Helmand province not to shave or trim beards

A notice issued by the provincial ministry for the propagation of virtue and prevention of vice reportedly said that those who violate the directive will be punished. The ministry has banned stylish hairstyles in Helmand province. Reports say the Taliban has also ordered saloon owners not to play music inside the premises. 

Taliban recognition ‘not on the table’, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday that international recognition of the Taliban was not currently under consideration. He was speaking on the sidelines of the annual gathering of world leaders in New York for the UN General Assembly. His remarks follow the Taliban’s nomination of a U.N. envoy, setting up a showdown over Afghanistan’s seat in the world body.

WION exclusive: Life under Taliban- ‘Living in the land of zombies’

The fear of losing life was so grave that he had walked for days straight, climbed rocky mountains and braved the unforgiving weather. Since Panjshir fell—last ray of hope, we reckon—he has been hiding from what he calls ‘a prison-like’ Taliban administration. His family, scattered. His independence, long gone. In an exclusive interview with WION from an undisclosed location in Afghanistan, a fiesty ***Aamir tells us the story of life under Taliban regime and the uncertainty that lurks.


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