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TOWN OF FENTON (WBNG) — Chenango Valley sophomore Aubrey Marroquinn scored ten goals across two games to start off the week, helping the Warriors keep their undefeated record.

Marroquinn scored four goals in a win against Johnson City Monday, and one-upped that accomplishment by scoring six against Union-Endicott Tuesday.

“I’m feeling great,” said Marroquin. “I feel like our team is doing really good.”

Marroquinn has been playing on varsity since she was in eighth grade.

“I’m glad I’m used to it by now because the first couple of games I was kind of nervous, but now I’m pretty confident,” said Marroquinn. 

Coach Robbie Dickinson moved her from defense to offense when she started high school, which Marroquinn said was a big adjustment.

“At first I was aiming the balls way over the net because I’m so used to doing it long and up high,” said Marroquinn. “Then I had to get used to dribbling and shooting.”

Dickinson said putting her up front has been a great move for the team.

“One of our goals for her is growth on a personal level,” he said. “She had the ability to score. She really gives our team a different dynamic up there.”

Dickinson said he’s seen Marroquinn’s maturity level improve and despite being young, she’s become a role model on the team.

“She’s been very fortunate to have a nice group of seniors ahead of her right now,” said Dickinson. “She looks up to them. She has taken that in stride and right now she is a role model for seniors, juniors, sophomores off the field.”

Even though playing at the collegiate level is a few years away,  Marroquinn said she knows playing for Chenango Valley has prepared her for when the time comes.

“I can play anywhere (on the field) pretty much now,” said Marroquinn. “I mastered defense and now I’m suddenly playing up top which is great because I can play anywhere and be able to adjust.

While Marroquinn and the Warriors look to finish out the season undefeated, the number one goal is to have fun.

“We’re going to have fun with this, work hard and we have fun. When we’re relaxed we play at our best,” said Dickinson. 

Chenango Valley travels to Susquehanna Valley on Thursday at 5:30 p.m.


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