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Tension on the Russia-Ukraine border is high as Russia has sent thousands of its soldiers on the frontier. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has demanded that Russia stops the build-up of troops. Ukraine President is visiting the eastern part of the country. Meanwhile, a scientific discovery about sub-atomic particles called muons is being touted to be capable of leading to groundbreaking advances in the field of Physics. Read this and more in our top 10 news of day.

Russia-Ukraine border crisis: Merkel demands Putin reduce Russian troops around Ukraine

Putin Merkel

Both Putin and Merkel voiced concern over the rising tensions in the southeast of Ukraine, the Kremlin said in a statement.

Ukraine president to visit frontline amid tensions with Russia


In recent weeks, fighting between Ukrainian army and separatists has intensified. This has raised fears of a major escalation in conflict over the majority Russian-speaking Donbas region

Military Junta seized London embassy in ‘coup’, says Myanmar ambassador to the UK

Myanmar military

The ambassador, Kyaw Zwar Minn, said the defence attache had taken over the mission in “a kind of coup”, an extraordinary diplomatic standoff that comes two months after the military seized power in Myanmar. 

China says the UK sheltering ‘wanted criminals’ after Hong Kong asylum ruling

China Hong Kong

Law said Wednesday he had been granted asylum in Britain, after fleeing semi-autonomous Hong Kong following the introduction of sweeping new security law.

Wobbly subatomic particles ‘muons’ may drastically change our understanding of Physics


In plain words, muons have been found defying laws of Physics. This has huge implications

Turkey denies it snubbed EU chief during Ankara visit


The unequal seating arrangements prompted social media allegations of sexism or a purposeful affront against the commission.

Biden’s order to target ‘ghost guns’ in reforms against increasing gun violence


Joe Biden will be focusing more on ‘ghost guns’ which are homemade weapons as they cannot even be traced when found on crime scenes

Pakistani national charged with smuggling undocumented individuals into the US


Abid Ali Khan, between January 2015 and December 2020, allegedly organised, led, and worked, with others in his Pakistan-based smuggling network to facilitate the travel of undocumented individuals to the United States, federal prosecutors alleged on Wednesday.

Boy crashes bike during TikTok livestream, viewer saves his life


The incident has helped underline the far-reaching effect of social media that can come handy in critical situations

Virginia first southern US state to legalise marijuana


Several other states in the US including New York and Colorado have approved measures on similar lines. However, Virginia has become first state to do so in socially and politically conservative US south.


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