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The business analyst is a critical role for every business. And while some companies may see business analysts as an added cost, in reality, good business analysts add value by using their expertise to improve the organisation and help steer it towards its goals.

Every organisation has competing priorities, limited budgets and multiple stakeholders with differing opinions. Then, once a project is approved, there’s the immense pressure to successfully achieve the business and project objectives on scope, on time and within budget. Further, business stakeholders will be required to take time away from their ‘business as usual’ roles to contribute meaningfully to the project through defining requirements, providing feedback to the project team and testing functionality as it’s created. It is here where a business analyst, with their knowledge, skills and abilities, can provide significant value.

Business analysts make business change happen by introducing and managing the necessary adjustments to your organisation model, working across all levels of the organisation, involved in everything from defining business strategy to shaping the enterprise architecture, to improving business processes and defining solution requirements. Looking for ways to increase revenue, reduce costs, ensure compliance and improve reputation. Serving as a facilitator with the key business and project stakeholders to maximise the value delivered to the organisation.

The value of business analysis is in seizing opportunities and mitigating threats, in reducing costs and realising benefits. And through the effective use of business analysis, you can ensure your organisation achieves its goals, ultimately improving the way you do business.

Business analysts belong in every part of your organisation, and with 20+ years hands-on experience, there’s no one better than Business Change Academy to train up your business analysts for success.

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