Newtown Florist Club nearing publication of Black business directory – Gainesville Times


Angela Middleton, who has been the coordinator for the project, said they have been able to gather information on roughly 170 Black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofit community resources and churches. Middleton said they are still hoping to reach out to several others before the directory is released.

“We would like for the minority businesses to be highlighted so that they can continue to grow and prosper,” Middleton said. “We would like to make it easier access to locate the minority businesses as well as the resources we have in this area.”

Through the project’s development, Middleton said she was excited to discover the range of businesses being created by young entrepreneurs throughout the region.

“We began to realize that, ‘Oh my God, there’s so much more going on here than we even realized,’ and the number of young people who were starting businesses, who had ideas about starting businesses,” Johnson said. “It just became quite an exciting process to even go through, so we just continued.”

Johnson said she hopes the directory’s publication will “inspire others who have wanted to start a business to think more about the possibility of doing that in this day and age.”


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