One business reopens with help of a Fort Wayne beerhall during pandemic –


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — The ongoing pandemic has affected many businesses. But, one beerhall is helping another Fort Wayne business.

Back in November, Double Dragon Arcade closed due to financial struggles. But, with the help of another local business, they’re back open. 

Brian Hench, the owner of Teds Beerhall, made it happen. He told ABC21 the reason he offered to help the arcade was because he couldn’t stand seeing another local business go away because of the pandemic. 

He says he reached out to Double Dragon, just after their closure in early November. 

The co-owner of Double Dragon says they closed due to financial struggles. 

“When I heard those guys were in need of a new location, it made sense to partner up,” Hench, the owner of Teds Beerhall said. 

From one Fort Wayne business to another, Hench wanted to help another local business stay afloat. 

However, he says the arcade was also a special place for his staff. 

Hench told ABC21 the decision was rather quick, and within weeks, they had an agreement to open the arcade in Teds Beerhall, now known as Teds Beercade. 

“I thought that their business idea would be a very seamless mesh to what we’re trying to do and knowing I had a space that I knew was going to be available for them, it just seemed like a perfect opportunity,” Hench said. 

A perfect opportunity for both businesses. Hench told ABC21 the new Beercade is bringing more customers, and the new business gives customers a unique experience between games and drinks. 

“This is a great opportunity to do something that I think meshes better with what we do with the beer, craft beer and the food we have,” Hench said. “I think the overall environment is a better fit.” 

Co-owner of the arcade Michael Wittekind told ABC21 he’s thankful for the help of Hench. 

Wittekind says his passionate business is alive and thriving all because another local business gave out a helping hand. 

“A lot of people around here they didn’t know about Double Dragon,” he said. “So, this is a new way to introduce them to arcades and that kind of environment. Everybody is digging it.” 

Wittekind told ABC21 they have plans to keep the location at Teds Beerhall while also opening up another arcade downtown 

A decision on that won’t come for a while he says. 


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