Local small business overcomes challenges from opening amid a pandemic, gives back to the community – KTIV


SIOUX CITY (KTIV) — According to its owners, Rustic 2 Refined is considered a fresh take on a flea market.

“There’s no chicken wire, two by four, lattice, so it’s a nice and comfortable setting for shopping,” said Co-Owner Ericka Bathurst.

In a broad sense, it is a small business that’s overcome many challenges that come with opening amid a pandemic.

“We actually opened on May 15th. And that was right when COVID allowed people to open up these small businesses,” said Co-Owner RJ Bathurst.

Since then, the Bathursts have learned the obstacles that COVID provides don’t stop coming once a store is officially open.

“It’s been extremely challenging, we’ve had to think outside of the box not only for opening a flea market and being different than everyone else, we’ve had to think about how we do this safely and responsibly for people,” said Ericka Bathurst.

Affordable prices, online orders, and personal delivery are just some of the ways they’ve adapted.

As a result, the owners have seen a great amount of support from the community.

In response, the Bathursts wanted to give back to those in need.

“Something that we want to do is not only survive, we want to help people that are struggling too. So what we do is we take in donations and we sell them here in the store then we send the majority of the proceeds to local charities,” said Ericka Bathurst.

The Bathursts say they recognize the importance of affordability during a time like this.

They say one of their top priorities is to be a place where community members can have a safe and enjoyable experience.


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