Local Business Helps Turn Unemployed People into Entrepreneurs – Bay News 9


The announcement of a new stimulus relief bill is what many people have been waiting for, but a Pinellas County man is offering a more long-term option for when the money from the government dries up.

Dovev Weaver knows what it’s like. He made a video to document his experience days after getting the call many fear. He learned he had been laid off from his corporate job where he worked for five years.

“I wanted to be authentic, so there were days where I was frustrated,” Weaver said. “I was just like ‘man, you know what’s going on,’ but not once did I ever feel like I had a migraine because of the stress that was on me. It was more so excitement about the opportunity.

He said it was an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship after unemployment.

“For the first five days of entrepreneurship full time, I recorded myself and then so I decided to turn it into a short film. It’s around 28 to 30 minutes. And I said I’m going to put this out to inspire people that may have been thinking about starting a business and may have been deterred,” he said.

That inspiration is what his business model is all about and one he’s encouraging others to take advantage of during this pandemic, when so many are losing their jobs.

He launched the company years ago but he says now, more than ever, their services are needed. He’s hoping the video he plans to release along with the resources they offer on their website closertoourdreams.com will help bring people closer to their dreams and further away from the nightmare of unemployment. 

“You really have to dig deep this year and look at yourself and look at yourself in the mirror to be better and ready for 2021,” Weaver said. “In some cases the thing that you’re passionate about, there’s somebody that’s willing to pay you for that.”

His company offers information and resources about how to turn those ideas into a business but he said you can also do the work by using a resource many forget about – their local library.


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