‘Businesses need this stimulus now.’ What a Binghamton business advocate says will happen if it doesn’t come. – WBNG-TV


(WBNG) — Businesses in the Southern Tier are at a critical crossroads in their fight to survive this pandemic. 

The leader of Binghamton’s top business advocacy group told 12 News that if local businesses don’t see additional federal stimulus soon that we could start to see more small business closures.

Stacey Duncan has heard about the multiple proposals national lawmakers have come up with. She’s worried one won’t get passed before the end of the year.

She does believe there is an opportunity for lawmakers to find common ground. 

“Our reaction is just to figure out how to do something moving forward because businesses need this stimulus now and our state and local governments need this infusion of stimulus now, Duncan said. “It did work the first time it did carry through our communities through many months off this crisis.”

She’s hopeful Congress will come up with something that gets dollars into businesses’ pockets before the end of the year. She says businesses need it as local funds are running out

“I think this is – this is a very important topic for us, Duncan she said. “You know we have been talking to our small businesses, checking their temperature, and they’re concerned, they’re nervous but they are hopeful the stimulus will come through for them.”


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