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Pandemic Proof Business: How this 22-year old is making millions – GlobeNewswire


ATLANTA, Nov. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Luke All is the founder and CEO at Prestige Ecommerce, an online retail company whose mission is the bring quality, yet discounted products, to people’s doorsteps. Luke got his start in ecomm in mid-2018 with “dropshipping” after leaving the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. At the age of 22, he now owns 16 online stores and uses his team & systems as a launchpad for helping other startup ecommerce brands.

It is an article like this, maybe even seen a social media post, Youtube video, or even a podcast on a similar topic.   This one is different; why? Keep reading to find out.

This is the story of how 22-year old entrepreneur Luke All went from living in a small farm town in Hershey, Penn., to being recognized and interviewed by Forbes, all while making millions with his company that is now pandemic-proof.

As Luke describes it, going to college was “fun.” He went to one of the biggest film schools in Los Angeles.  “I got to Los Angeles, and realized I wanted more than lectures, assignments, and being stuck in the “system,” said All.

With that, he decided to leave college on a tight budget and an aspiration to do something more, something bigger than himself. Following these aspirations, All moved out to Bali, following his first love for photography even further. A simple phone call from an old acquaintance changed everything.

It was a simple phone call, one that every photographer and videographer is used to receiving.  The simple, “Hey.  My friends and I are going on vacation.  Can you take some cool photos and videos for us?” The events that unfolded on this ordinary trip, lead to extraordinary achievements – $500,000.00 a month extraordinary.

On that trip, Luke would be filming and spending time with other like-minded entrepreneurs who had already been established.  All discovered e-commerce and the world of dropshipping. He saw these 18 and 19 year-olds, whom he had grown quite close to, making more money than even he thought was possible. So he did what any young entrepreneur would do when seeing this goldmine of an opportunity, he decided to try it for himself. Now, he is truly the definition of “NO REGRETS,” as many of his online stores are now valued at millions.

“This was the best internship I could have ever taken, said All.

For any readers unfamiliar with the world of E-commerce, dropshipping consistently peaks as one of the hottest business models for upstart entrepreneurs. Dropshipping allows selling products without having to pay for housing inventory or having to worry about shipping the products too.  Dropshipping entrepreneurs pay $0.00 until someone purchases a product. It is a trend for young entrepreneurs looking to rise through the ranks quickly and with little losses under their belts.

All’s next step in business is to bring the opportunity to others, to build and grow e-commerce sites, and get started in dropshipping. The young entrepreneur has successfully started to do this over the past year by, not only providing free value across his social media channels but also coaching people to their successes. Due to his incredible success, having the means to support 10 full-time employees, and the ongoing progression of his company, All had the chance to sit down with Forbes to discuss the different layers of dropshipping, and what is involved in the process. There is more at his Forbes interview about the dropshipping business model, and how he grew it to impressive levels.

This story was promised to be different.  Given the current state of this economy where mass unemployment is rampant, Luke All and others like him represent one very important thing.

“We are the future,” said All.

Get in touch with Luke on :

Website:  https://lukeall.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lukealll

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