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DHM halts K-12 sports in Lancaster County – KOLN


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – For a second time, youth and high school sports are being put on hold.

It’s part of the Lancaster County DHM that went into effect Monday.

The change has left many feeling singled out while other gatherings and businesses continue on.

Nebraska One Volleyball owner Tonia Tauke posted a video over the weekend to Facebook, asking for equality in the most recent wave of Directed Health Measures.

It now has thousands of shares and views.

“If we’re gonna shut down it either needs to be a full shutdown for three weeks where everybody shuts down for three weeks,” said Tauke. “The three weeks isn’t the problem. In the next three weeks, it’s not going to stop enough to say okay we’re going to open December 7th.”

In the DHM it says no activities, practices, games, or competitions for K-12 children until December 7th.

According to the DHM, the only other businesses directly forced to close are party busses and pedal pubs.

Bars and restaurants are being asked to close by 11 p.m.

“We know community spread in smaller groups, but we also know larger groups,” said Health Director Pat Lopez. “What we’re encouraging people to do is stay home as much as possible. Limiting sports and decreasing times for bars and restaurants will have an impact.”

It’s not only clubs like Nebraska One.

There are 15 Lancaster County high schools with winter sports programs.

Including schools like Malcolm where Jenni Schweitzer’s son was set to start basketball practice for his senior year.

“I don’t wanna see any businesses have to close their doors,” said Schweitzer. “I also don’t think that not allowing my son to practice with his teammates and classmates is going to do anything. I think we’ll be in the same or worse situation in three weeks.”

Both women say they have no problem doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19 but when they see things like packed bars on a Husker game day, they want others to be held equally accountable.

“You can have a daycare, you can have a church, you can have a bar, you can have a restaurant,” said Tauke. “We can have a wedding here, we can have a wedding of 25% capacity in this building but we aren’t allowed to play volleyball in this building.”

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird tweeted Monday night that the Health Department has identified clusters directly associated with youth sports, including volleyball and basketball, and that with winter sports being indoors the risk of spread is much higher.

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